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Mortgage Services

We understand that choosing financing for your home purchase is one of the most important decisions you can make. That is why HMS, Inc. has partnered with specially selected mortgage companies for the purposes of offering buyers convenient, efficient and effective mortgage lending services. These mortgage companies can help you get a mortgage loan that fits your needs and budget. On site mortgage specialists will guide you through the mortgage loan process and help you select the mortgage program that is right for you.

These specially selected mortgage companies offer competitive rates on a broad range of flexible financing programs tailored to your unique needs, including: If credit problems have been an issue for you in the past, you may be surprised with a program that will open the door to the new home you want!

The experienced staff at these specially selected mortgage companies may be able to help you buy a new home with $0 down, help find a down payment assistance program, or help you explore other avenues that will work with your budget.

Make your dream of home ownership a reality. 

HOW TO GET STARTED?  Contact a real estate agent at HMS, Inc. and they will introduce you to some of these top lenders!

You are NOT required to use any service provider you may have been referred to as a condition for the settlement of your loan, purchase, repurchase, sale or refinancing of the subject property.  There are frequently other providers available with similar services.  You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services and that best rate for these services.

The owners and principals of Home Marketing Services, Inc. have no ownership interest in any lender or settlement service provider. HMS, Inc. has relationships with providers solely for the purpose of offering buyers convenient and efficient access to mortgage lending services. 

HMS and its agents never pay or receive any referral fees or other compensation for referring clients to a service provider.  The individual real estate agent with whom you are working is neither rewarded or penalized if you use a certain provider.

Whether you use one of our preferred lenders or not, be sure to choose a lender you can trust to find the mortgage loan that best suits your needs!

SPECIAL NOTE: Only serving the State of Texas